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Early menopause, fertility and health

In monozygotic twin pair ovarian transplantation has shown to re-establish ovulatory function (Silber, 2009).Outcome of fresh and cryopreserved ovarian tissue transplantation was represented by seven ...

Fertility Issues in Women with Breast Cancer

Even though survival is still the most important priority for almost all women, a lot also wants to be able to make choices concerning their fertility and become potential to be pregnant, said Dr. Ann...
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Egg Freezing andVitrification

Egg freezing and vitrification have been widely publicized this year. The use of vitrification technology to freeze eggs offers a new option for cancer patients looking to preserve their fertility, an...

Should You Bank Your Sperm Before Testicular CancerTreatment?

For many men undergoing treatment for testicular cancer, the ability to conceive a child is a top priority. However, treatment methods like surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy all affect fert...
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Life Vs. Life: fertility preservation for cancer patients

Aimee Seungdamrong, MD: Fertility Preservation

Fertility Preservation

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A quick definition of Fertility Preservation

Fertility preservation is the effort to help cancer patients retain their fertility, or ability to procreate. Research into how cancer affects reproductive health and preservation options are growing, sparked in part by the increase in the survival rate of cancer patients. Indications Fertility preservation procedures are indicated when it's predicted that there will be exposure to a cause of infe...

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